Jado Binnu Dhillon Ne Ravneet nu Sariya de Sahmne Ruvaya

When Binnu dhillon is in radio mirchi’s office they plan a mirchi murga of ravneet. Rj Pak pak deepak plan this all and they are successfully do this all and made mirchi murga to ravneet singh. But in this call ravneet weeping in this call . This is only for fun.

Binnu Dhillon was born on 29-08-1975 in Sangrur in the state of Punjab, India. He is an Indian Film Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Television Presenter & Voice Artist who best-known for his work in Punjabi Cinema.

Ravneet Singh is very fantastic popular Anchor/Host. He was born on 17February 1992. He belonhgs from Chandigarh. With the famous show Canteeni Mandeer on Punjabi Channel Mh1 he got highly popular. He hosting this show in very amazing way. In this show he went to many colleges and school and meet there with many students. Interacting and cracking jokes with then a lot. His parents support him so much. His parents always help him to solve the problems. They always advise him in any situations. His mom is his unique strength behind him. He is very polite and always focused on his career. He well knows the value of time. He is dedicated toward his work so much. His smile is so attractive and has a great personality with the heart winning hosting.


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