When a Teacher Said Pendu To a Student

Rj Pak pak deepak is a Rj in radio mirchi. Rj Pak pak deepak doing very good job . He give a messege in mirchi murga. THis is also a great mirchi murga with a moral.

When a teacher said to a student Pendu. After that he tells all to Rj pak pak deepak . Rj deepak call her and first ask that u said it all ? Teacher said yes i said it . Than deepak tells all about pendu.must watch and share this.

Radio Mirchi maintains weekly music charts (or record charts) for India. The most followed charts are Mirchi Top 20 (Bollywood Songs) and Angrezi Top 20 (English Songs). Both of these charts are a ranking of recorded music according to popularity. These charts are published on a weekly basis in the Indian English-language daily newspaper, The Times of India, and on Radio Mirchi’s official website.


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