70 Saal de bajurag di behad Saramanak karatut


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the culture of sexual harassment, it is that so often, it’s happening within plain sight.

When the abuse finally gets called out, the darkest secrets about bro-codes, conspiracies of silence and perpetration through inaction are revealed. Harry Weinstein and Bill Cosby are living, breathing proof of how much men with power and privilege can get away with.

Closer home, in Pune, a similar pattern emerged in the last few days, with an outpouring of allegations of sexual harassment against Khodu Irani, the owner of a popular local bar, High Spirits, on Twitter.It started with a series of tweets from blogger Sheena Dabholkar talking about being publicly shamed on the Facebook page of High Spirits for calling out sexism on its premises.

She went on to talk about the extent to which the harassment and objectification of women have been normalised, by constantly dismissing it as a part of Irani’s gregarious, ‘mad’ nature.


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